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    DPA technical specialists and technology strategists are high-qualified experts who provides services, consultations and trainings to help your organization take the most of your information technologies.

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    Do everything you do faster, better and cheaper in the cloud. The cloud offers great benefits: increased efficiency that allows IT to focus on strategic business initiatives; a flexible single platform that gives you room to adapt to the future; and centr

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GFI MailEssentials special offer!

Still using Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server? Make your move soon! Microsoft stopped offering the FPE product in 2012, but committed to supporting FPE s…

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WebTitan - web filtering solution

WebTitan 5, the latest version of our award winning business web filter protects your network and data from abuses and inappropriate use of resources using several l…

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CaptureIn + Samsung KNOX: Better together

Right from the start of IT era the information security and user experience were the opposite poles. Complex password policies enforce users to keep it on the sticky no…

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